Look Up (Day 18)

By: photographicyear

Jan 18 2011

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Focal Length:6.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I read an article recently that suggested people should look upwards more often for photographic inspiration. There are some incredibly tall trees on campus and I often crane my neck back to look right up underneath them, so I have included a skybound photo.

There has also been an art exhibition set up recently around the campus and I have included a few photos of some of the projects I saw that I liked, some were not to my taste, but I loved these origami birds in the tree they look so delicate.

These rubber ducks were another person’s project

Finally this notice which makes me smile. It is not an art project but has recently been reinstated. It was there in the summer months as the swans and their then many cygnets were wandering up to the main part of campus and trying to get in the buildings and steal peoples lunches. So a temporary gate to prevent them straying too far from the lake was put up. It’s back so I can only presume they have started wandering again! The swans in question have been featured in an early post which can be viewed here.


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