Hot hot hot (Day 113)

By: photographicyear

Apr 24 2011

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Focal Length:6.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

As I said we have had unusually hot weather recently. My dad put a couple of thermometers in the shade in the garden (one was from my tropical fish tank and the other was a meat thermometer so both should be fair;y accurate). They both read about 28 degrees centigrade so who knows what the temperature was in the actual sun. Our dogs and cat were all feeling the heat and trying to seek cool spots.

Tommy who is going to be 18 yes 18 at the end of May took up residence on a chair in the shade stretching himself out as much as possible. He’s so cute.

And Alfie just took to panting, a lot, he’s had a hair cut to try and keep him a bit cooler but he’s still got a pretty thick coat.

Finally, Jasper lay sprawled on the kitchen floor, we’d shut all the blinds to try and make it cooler for him, so it was a little dark in there hence the noise in the photo.


One comment on “Hot hot hot (Day 113)”

  1. […] cat Tommy (who has been previously featured in this blog see here, here and here) was put to sleep today. He wasn’t very well but he’d had 18 good years. […]

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