Mudguard (Day 127)

By: photographicyear

May 07 2011

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Focal Length:6.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Mudguard: a curved piece above the wheel of a bicycle or motorcycle to protect the rider from water or mud thrown up by the wheels (

After the tyre and brake incident, which is now sorted thanks to the nice man in the bicycle shop just up the road. I decided that I was going to go for a cycle this morning.

It was a very quiet and in some ways peaceful cycle, but only because no one else had been stupid enough to be lulled into the false sense of security that a half an hour let up in the downpour of rain (which was much needed so I don’t have any problems with it) meant that the rain had finished for the day.

So I set off and about 10 seconds in it started raining, I thought it will only be a few spots, well 5 mins later it wasn’t just a few spots! By this point I was already pretty wet so I thought I can’t exactly get much wetter so carried on. I had the cycle path all to myself and the hammering rain. I think I saw about 5 cyclists the whole time I was out and a couple of walking/jogging people.

I was quite enjoying my cycle in the pouring rain it wasn’t cold so it was not unpleasant, and because there were so few other people along there all the birds were out it was lovely.

By the time I got back I was completely soaked, not just a little wet, and not just dripping but the water was pouring off me and my bike, my shoes squelched, my gloves were sodden and I looked down at my ankles and realised they were cacked in mud. Little did I know that that mud was also all over the back of my cycling jacket. So much for my mudguard then hey, I think on the basis of the definition above I should probably invest in an actual mudguard. I think mine is just a curved piece which I probably would have been better off without it, it had managed to flick the mud the entire way up my jacket, and even onto my helmet, thats some skill!

I’ve had to do quite a bit of washing of shoes, shorts and coats, I’m yet to tackle the bike which currently has a puddle forming underneath it. I’m thinking it will be easier to brush the mud off when its dry!! All in all it was a very enjoyable trip and next time it rains I might just go out again 🙂

This photo actually makes the coat look clean! This was also all over my legs and is currently still all over my bike!

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