Tours market and Chateau de Chenonceau (Day 225)

Today we went back into Tours to visit the flower market and the food market. We were there quite early but couldn’t believe how quiet it was. There was barely anyone else at the flower market, which in a way was quite good as we were able to see all the stalls. There was a huge variety of plants, cut flowers and pre-made bouquets on offer. There was a man selling a range of cacti, various stalls with almost every herb you could imagine (except no lemon fizz my favourite herb EVER!!) and this stall with beautiful hydrangeas.
We then headed to the food market which was a little busier but still not quite as I remember them being normally. It seems that all the French have gone on holiday somewhere else? We did see lots of lovely produce still though. Mountains of Haricot Verts, and Runner Beans, so many different types/shapes of tomatoes (photo on the left) and these enormous mushroom (photo on the right).
After visiting the markets we decided to spend the rest of the day at Chateau de Chenonceau which was about 30mins in the car from our campsite. The grounds were full of beautiful blooming flowers, although you could be mistaken for thinking we had visited in October looking at some of the trees which looked like autumn had well and truly set in.

 The interior of the Chateau was a little disappointing only because it was so full of people that there wasn’t really space to actually be able to look at the rooms and enjoy the surroundings. The nicest room was The Gallery which was used in the day for dances. It is also the part of the Chateau that spans across the river Cher, which from the outside is a magnificent site.

After going inside the Chateau we went around the vegetable and flower gardens, where all the displays that can be found within the Chateau originate from. There was a massive variety of vegetables, including some giant pumpkins and squashes, orchards of apple and pear trees and just about every herb you could think of (except my beloved Lemon Fizz). They also had just about ever colour flower you could imagine, and everything was in immaculately neat little rows, not a plant growing out of place.

This wealth of plants certainly attracted the butterflies, they were fluttering about everywhere. Bees were also having a lovely time gathering pollen from all the different flowers.


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