Homeward Bound Take 2 (Day 228)

By: photographicyear

Aug 16 2011

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Category: Holiday

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Focal Length:9.063mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

So today having not been able to get on a ferry last night as foot passengers. There is some kind of cut-off time when you can no longer go on a ferry on foot at night. Very strange, so we had to stay in hotel and then try and get a ferry this morning.

Thankfully we got a ferry, the sailing was really quick and the weather was so good that you could actually see the Cliffs of Dover for the entire crossing. Never have we been so pleased to see those cliffs than on this journey.

On arriving back in England we thought the next part of the journey would be relatively straightforward (especially compared to yesterday anyway). Well we were wrong, when we finally located the hire car office, a good 40minute hike from the ferry port the man informed us that actually there was no car available for us as one of their team and not input us into the system. About 2 hours later on what was probably the hottest day of the summer we finally got a car and were on the homeward stretch.


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