Norwich Castle (Day 266)

By: photographicyear

Sep 23 2011

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Focal Length:26mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3100

I visited Norwich Castle today, and it was very interesting. I have to say though that the part I most enjoyed was not actually anything to do with the medieval castle, yes I had a great time looking at the displays and reading about the history and I did like their model representation of the castle. They also had on display lots of collections of items that had been found around the castle, which was really interesting as well as teapots through the ages which was quite funny to see how the teapot has changed over time. One of the collections I liked most was this one, which I think was by a local artist and they are all items that were found in the castle and each one represents one of the prisoners that were in the castle during the time that it was turned into the prison.

But the best part was their wildlife exhibitions downstairs which was full of lifesize and very realistic models of local wildlife both present and sadly extinct. The displays were fantastic, I think I will go back just to go and spend more time down there. It was really great for identifying birds that I have seen about the place as well as the models in the exhibition were almost identical to the birds in the wild.


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