Accidents Happen (Week 9)

I was rushing to get to an appointment on time the other day and didn’t realise that my bag was slightly open so obviously something had to fall out.
It couldn’t have been my lunch, diary or pencil case which would have come to no harm. Nope it was my glasses case which smashed open and my glasses flew out across the pavement! The case was hanging on by one hinge, and the glasses are thankfully just about alright. There is a small scuff/scratch on one of the lenses but when I wear them I can’t see it so I don’t think I’m going to go through the hassle of getting a new pair.

I have however had to buy a new case. I didn’t want a plain boring one or one branded with well know opticians chains, and I managed to find this one in paperchase which I think is suitable non-boring 🙂

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