Aperture (Week 38)

By: photographicyear

Sep 24 2012

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Focal Length:34mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3100

This week in the photography course we were learning about different apertures;

The image on the left has a ‘large’ aperture, but is a small f stop (in this instance f/5). Whilst the right hand image was taken with f/32 which is a small aperture. I try and remember this by thinking that smaller f stops, stop less light-i.e. more light can hit the sensor, and larger f stops, stop more light so are narrower apertures. I’m learning more and more that photography and taking good photos is all about controlling the light that hits the sensor.

These two images also illustrate something else quite nice about apertures, the change in depth of field. The left hand image has a narrow depth of field, focus is on a small area (with background blur) and the right hand image has a wide depth of field, so most of the image is in focus.


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