During 2011 I aimed to take at least one photo every day. On the whole I managed this although there was the odd day (well, 11 in total actually) where for one reason or another I didn’t take a photo. Please feel free to look back through this project via the archives.

As I enjoyed doing the Project 365 last year, I have decided to continue but in a slightly different way. I started to find that as my days were so similar in their routine, I was finding little inspiration for different photography opportunities each day. I have therefore decided that for this year I will not be taking or posting photos every single day, although I still intend to take my camera everywhere and take photos as often as possible, but I will post on a weekly basis at least one photo.
So by the end of 2012 I should have at least 52 photos. I hope you will continue to follow this blog as I start a new project.

As before any constructive criticism, hints or tips on how to improve the photos I take is very welcome. For those who are interested half way through last year (2011) for my 21st birthday my camera was upgraded to a DSLR so I am now the very proud owner of a Nikon D3100 πŸ™‚ I do also still use my point and shoot Canon IXUS i7 zoom though, but unless otherwise stated photos will be taken on my Nikon.


To please my Mum πŸ™‚
Disclaimer: My Mum informed me that I should put a disclaimer on this blog to excuse some of my poor spelling and grammar due to having dyslexia. I must say I don’t notice it, but to those who do I apologise πŸ˜€


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